Poncha Pleasures: A Road Trip to Madeira’s Best Spots




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Madeira, a paradisiacal island with natural wonders and coastal splendour, beckons you to embark on a unique road trip adventure to uncover the famous Madeiran Drink – The Poncha.

Beyond its breathtaking landscapes lies a rich cultural tapestry woven with the threads of tradition and a cherished local spot. This driving escapade made seamless our rentals.

We invite you to not only explore the diverse terrains of Madeira but also to indulge in the unique flavours of this traditional Madeiran libation.

Join us as we navigate the scenic roads, steering you towards the island’s best Poncha hotspots, where each sip becomes a sensory journey intertwined with the island’s essence.

Poncha Pleasures: A Road Trip to Madeira's Best Spots 3

1. Barrerinha Bar Cafe: A Coastal Sip

Start your Poncha pilgrimage at Barrerinha Bar Cafe, a charming seaside spot that perfectly blends coastal views with the rich flavours of this traditional Madeiran drink. With your CarWave rental, drive along the scenic coastal roads, enjoying the salty breeze as you approach this hidden gem.

Relax on the outdoor terrace, overlooking the ocean, and indulge in a refreshing Madeiran drink. The laid-back atmosphere and stunning views make Barrerinha a delightful first stop on this trail.

2. Pub Hole in One: Laydback Fun

For a unique experience, head to Pub Hole in One. Located amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Funchal, this pub offers a lively setting to enjoy your favourite drink. With our rentals, navigate the city streets to reach this popular spot.

Sip on your Poncha while engaging in a game of billiards or enjoying live music. The eclectic ambience of Pub Hole in One adds a touch of excitement, providing a different perspective on Madeira’s nightlife.

3. Pub White House: Poncha with a View

Drive your CarWave rental to Pub White House, perched in a strategic location providing panoramic Funchal views. This establishment combines the charm of a pub with the allure of a viewpoint, offering a perfect setting to relish your Madeiran drinks.

Unwind on the terrace, savouring the distinct flavours of Poncha while taking in the illuminated cityscape below. With your car, you have the flexibility to stay longer, ensuring you capture the magical ambience of Funchal by night.

4. Taberna da Poncha: Authentic Elegance

Venture to Taberna da Poncha for an authentic and elegant Poncha experience. Nestled in a traditional setting, this tavern exudes Madeiran charm. You can also grab this opportunity to explore the island’s interior, reaching this hidden gem surrounded by lush landscapes.

Inside Taberna da Poncha, savour the craftsmanship of this beloved drink, prepared with care and expertise. The warm ambience and traditional decor make it a must-visit destination for Poncha enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Madeira.

5. Os Castrinhos: Local Touch Drinks

Conclude your Poncha trail at Os Castrinhos, a local favourite known for its welcoming atmosphere and drinks. Your CarWave rental allows you to easily navigate to this cosy establishment tucked away in the heart of Madeira.

Engage with locals, share stories, and relish the true spirit of Madeira at Os Castrinhos. With the freedom of your own car, you can fully immerse yourself in the island’s culture, forging unforgettable memories at this cherished spot.

Poncha Pleasures: A Road Trip to Madeira's Best Spots 4

As your Poncha-infused road trip through Madeira draws to a close, the memories crafted along winding roads and at charming establishments linger, leaving an indelible mark on your journey.

CarWave has not only been the vehicle for exploration but also the key to unlocking the hidden corners where this amazing drink, is steeped in tradition.

This road trip has been a harmonious blend of exploration and indulgence, from coastal sips to elevated views and authentic taverns.

So, as you raise your glass to the memories made on this tour, let the echoes of Madeira’s beauty and hospitality linger, carrying the essence of this unique adventure beyond the last sip.

Cheers to the road less travelled and all the pleasures discovered along the way!

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